Sunday, August 1, 2010 | By: Tangy

30 days- Day 1

I haven't been around much these past couple of weeks. I've been busy stuffing my face and not working out. I gained back the couple of pounds I had lost, bringing me even further away from my goal. While I was eating mostly clean, I was eating too much clean junk food. I am challenging myself to lose weight this month. I hate to put a number on the exact amount I'd like to lose, but 5-10 lbs would be ideal. I am going to start following Jillian Michaels' Making the Cut to help me lose this last bit of weight I've been struggling to lose for over a year now. I'm going to track every bite of food I put in my mouth and be more honest with myself than I've ever been. I don't know why it is so hard to admit to myself that I have been messing up!

I'm also starting my second round of p90x: days 30-60. I know I have not changed much from day one and it kills me I can't take 30 day progress pictures! I *will* be taking day 60 pictures! I am doing p90x doubles and replacing cardio x with either biking or running. I do have alterior motives; besides wanting to shed some pounds and get in the best shape of my life, I have a 5k coming up in two weeks and I am doing a triathlon challenge on Cafemom so I have many fitness goals all at once but I have never been this motivated!

Day 1- Aug 1

breakfast- 1 cup of coffee, 2 eggs, 1 cup Kashi Heart to Heart

snack- didn't happen...we went to church during this time

lunch- was supposed to be a salad with chicken is not cooked! So I had some blue corn chips with roasted red pepper hummus

snack- reheated cup of coffee that I didn't drink with breakfast, 7 kashi heart to heart crackers with laughing cow cheese

snack #2- I was shaking, I was so hungry!!! Was out for a walk with the kiddos, came home and everything was a haze. Had 2 tbsp pb on a graham cracker

dinner- 1.5 grilled chicken breasts, 1 med sweet potato

snack- smoothie with 3/4 cup kefir, 1 cup baby spinach, 1 cup cherries, 1 scoop chocolate whey, 1 tbsp flax

workout- p90x back and biceps with ab ripper x


Angel said...

Your blog looks FANTASTIC!! Great Job!!
I am slacking on mine. Lots of family stuff going on around here. Once the kids are back in school within the next couple of weeks I will be back to updating mine and getting on track! :) Keep up the journey and the Blog! I will be checking in on you. :)

Tangy said...

Thank you Angel! I eventually would like to have some blog designer make my page look really cool but for now, this will do! I hope things will settle down for you soon so that you can put the focus back on YOU! Good luck with your journey as well!

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