Sunday, August 29, 2010 | By: Tangy


Friday night I went out without Pete or the kids to do something other than grocery shopping or going to a doctor's appointment for the first time...ever! Really! I do not get out much! lol I was in a hurry to get my kids and my house ready for my mother in law to come over to babysit and I ordered them a pizza and breadsticks. **smacks forehead** Of course my biggest weakness, over all other things, is pizza, and I had 3 pieces. Not horrible, but still. Then I made myself a yummy frozen mixed drink-- simply lemonade, bicardi razz, frozen raspberries, and of course lots of ice! It was sooo good and I took it with me to go play Bunco for the first time.

I was good at Bunco other than my big drink...there was spinach dip and alfredo dip and bread and crackers and some kind of oreo-pudding dessert and I can proudly say I did not try even one bite of any of that stuff! I had a good time playing even though my anxiety level was through the roof and I felt like the new kid in school. Of course, I was the night's big loser with only 2 wins and 14 losses! haha. I have never had good luck. I won a prize for being the biggest loser--a bottle of wine! I haven't opened it yet but I think I will keep it tucked away for my sister's wedding.

My husband and I got home about the same time on Friday night and I had a big surprise for him--no kids! My mother in law had decided to keep them at her house overnight so we had a kid-free night that started at midnight. We were both exhausted and there is zero midnight entertainment in this town besides the bar so we stayed up and talked and ate ice cream and slept in til 10:30 on Saturday morning! Needless to say, after my night of pizza and booze, I felt like CRAP when I woke up. Total crap. My eyes were burning from my allergies, too. The icing on the cake was that good ole Aunt Flo had also decided to show up that morning. Thank you mother nature!! F#*& you too! Oh- and I had a wedding shower to go to and I had my first fitting for my bridesmaids dress for my sister's wedding.

I had tried on a size 10 dress the last week of April and it fit me perfectly. I was of course hoping to be in a 6 or an 8 by September. ha. When they "officially" measured me in July they suggested I get a size 12 and I told them to shove it (not in those words of course hehe) and ordered the 10. Yesterday, I could not zip it up. I am really hoping it was just from the bloating--I weighed in at a whopping 169 yesterday!! gahhh! So I really do not have the time to go to the tailor's and get it altered and then go pick it up a different day. I just don't. Not to mention I don't want to spend any more money than I've already had to spend for this wedding--I think I have spent almost as much as I did on my own wedding! And I want to just have the satisfaction of knowing I am no size 12. Pffft.

I have always worked better under pressure and I'm hoping this time is no different! I was infamous (to myself at least) for writing all my college English papers with less than 3 hours to spare and still getting an A on every single one so if I can do that, I can lose some pesky poundage and extra inches to fit into this dress!! My gameplan is to cut down my starchy carbs by a LOT--once a day, and eat more veggies and proteins and even start cutting down on my fruit. I know my problem isn't with my workouts which have been good and consistent so I will just keep up with those. I am really hoping this works! Wish me luck!


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