Sunday, October 3, 2010 | By: Tangy

Wake me up when September ends!

I have been MIA for a while but now I am back--for a while!! We are going to be getting rid of our home internet for a while but I think I can log in from my phone. Oh the joys of budgeting!!

September was a crazy busy month around here!! I had plans every single weekend!! The first weekend was Labor Day weekend, which I talked about in my previous post. The second weekend I can't even remember what I did!! The third weekend Pete had drill. He started Police Institute Training at the beginning of the month and he had to be in Springfield from Sunday night til Friday afternoon so him being gone just added to the craziness! Since he had drill (2 hours away) he didn't get to come home at all for two weeks and we all missed each other so me and the kids made the 2 hour drive to go stay with his grandparents, who live about 15 min away from drill. The kids had a great time with their great-grandparents and 102 year-old great-grandma! And then it was crunch time: only a week before the wedding!!

I gave it everything I had that last week. I never skipped a workout and I ate very well. It wasn't enough to look the way I wanted to look in my dress or even zip it up all the way with a bra on. So Pete improvised and we shoved the girls up with socks and used a lot of tape to keep them in place!! We had great results! I stayed in my dress all night and even had a little lift! I was able to have someone come to my house to do my hair, and she did a great job!! Thank you Jaclyn DeRubeis! I had gotten a sample of Shiseido The Makeup foundation from Macys and OMG that stuff is AHHH-MAZING! I do not have great skin! I have the oily skin of a 15 year-old and it is so uneven. I've been a Bare Escentuals devotee the past two years but it just does not cover like this stuff or keep me from getting shiny--this stuff did the job! I love makeup a little too much ;) I would love to do makeup for a side job.

Here are some pictures from the wedding (unedited)

this is a really cool shot but I wish the lighting was better!! I have been experimenting with some editing here.

all of us bridesmaids :)

Pete and I

random pic from the reception

ughh blurry! but they had cupcakes! yumm!

Peter enjoying his strawberry-filled cupcake

my sister Brittany and myself

another view from the head table

and little dancing queen!! She danced for two hours and didn't want to stop! She stole the dance floor!


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