Saturday, October 9, 2010 | By: Tangy

How bad do I want this??

I've been a bad, bad girl this week. I have my moments of being a good girl but I'm pretty sure the pan of brownies, pumpkin pie, and container of Rocky Road ice cream ruined my chances of seeing any movement on the scale!! I am super motivated to do my workouts but notsomuch in the kitchen. I'm not sure where I went wrong. I am really questioning clean eating. If I am never satisfied with the foods I am "allowed" then something isn't right. I can't keep trying to do something I'm not capable of doing! I have had some good eating weeks that have also produced zero movement on the scale. Something is keeping me stuck at 163 and it isn't my workouts!!

I'm going to experiment with a new eating plan over the next week. I'm going to try and focus my eating around real foods around the perimeter of the grocery store. That part will stay the same. But I want to focus more on fat rather than protein. My skin and hair are TERRIBLE right now!! My hair has never been this dry and I don't think my skin has been, either. I am constantly itching my legs. I was reading a blog earlier this week whose author had tried and gained weight with clean eating. So that made me wonder if it wasn't me, maybe it was the diet. Maybe I'm not such a failure, afterall!!

So next week starts a new adventure. I did lose weight and inches when I started the Abs diet last summer so I will also be following that, emphasising my choices on the 12 powerfoods. Doing some Abs recipes. Cutting out the sugar!!!! I think this is key. So no more lowfat, high protein diet for me. I'm going to try higher fat, more complex carbs like starchy veggies and oats, and I'm reintroducing two of my old favs: bacon and butter! I hope that if I feel more satisfied after every meal that I will be less likely to want to cheat and eat between meals. I'm also going to make sure that 3 of my workouts next week are strength training. This week I have only done one. I MUST be under 160 by my birthday on October 26!! I hope changing up my eating does the trick!


JenniferLeah said...

your body NEEDS fat to process proteins and carbs so it could be you were taking in too little of the good fats~Try keeping a balance of 40% carbs/30% fat/30% protein while keeping your foods clean (meaning minimally processed)

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