Sunday, July 11, 2010 | By: Tangy

Like a kid in a candy store

Foods no longer in my house!!

my produce for the week! homemade pesto, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, red pepper, sweet potatoes, cherries, apples, spring mix, potatoes, bananas, and I forgot the carrots!

Yesterday was an awesome day. We decided to take our oldest, Peter, out with just mom and dad. We left his younger sister Riley with grandma and grandpa and we headed out! We saw Toy Story 3 in 3-D. It was our first 3-D movie and it was great! It was very cool to see the images popping off the screen and we were almost the only ones in the theater, so Peter's restlessness didn't bother anyone. I don't think he saw much of the movie so we decided not to try to see a movie with him again for at least another year. He just doesn't have the attention span yet at nearly 4 years old.
Since we were just down the street, I asked Pete to stop at the only health food store I know of within a one hour radius of home (just the city we were in was almost an hour drive away! gotta love living in the middle of nowhere surrounded by cornfields!) so I could go take a look around. I ended up with a cart full of stuff! I wish I would have looked around longer since I did not get a chance to look at produce, frozen, bulk, or health and beauty items but here are a few of the things that I bought!

I have yet to find a healthy salad dressing that I like...I hope this one is good!

real raw sugar

Rice milk for either baking, drinking, or coffee!

chocolate almond milk to try in my coffee

organic cornmeal for a recipe I have in mind

nutella....omg one day I will do a post entirely devoted to nutella!

aluminum-free baking powder

whole wheat kind of looks like dog food in this packaging!

organic corn starch for a clean cherry pie recipe I want to try

organic wheat gluten to bake my own bread!

and that's not even close to all of it. I even found some grain-sweetened chocolate chips! A little splurge, but they will be used to make cookies one day! I was just in awe of all the healthy foods I have heard of but have never actually seen! I will have to make the trip there once a month from now on. Just for whatever I can't find at Walmart or Meijer, since it is a lot more expensive!

I got home and immediately started to re-arrange my kitchen. I took everything out of my cabinets and put it all on the kitchen table. I threw out a bunch of things that I didn't use or that were expired or that were just plain un-healthy (see above photos). I put all my new clean baking supplies in a cabinet that previously had misc. kitchen gadgets. Then today I moved onto the fridge! I now have everything organized nicely and I threw away some more bad stuff. I'm going to make it as easy as possible for me to eat clean!


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