Monday, September 6, 2010 | By: Tangy

Oh what a weekend :)

It was like, so totally tubular!! I kicked off my weekend with my sister's bachelorette party! We started off at a friends' house with a Surprise Party. For those less kinky readers, that is a TOY party!! Always fun to see what is out there and it rivals the awkward-ness of a Ben Stiller movie when both the mother and future mother-in-law of the bride are there! I could have done without seeing my mom walk out of there with a brown bag-o-goodies but I know she bought the candles. Candles, just candles, and maybe the nipple cream/lip gloss stuff. Keep telling yourself that, Tangy!

My night was not quite the night I had planned, however. Here's a timeline of how it progressed:

3:00- run out shopping and frantically look for a jacket to wear to the evening! It has suddenly started to get into the 40s and 50s at night and I am so unprepared!! Buy first jacket I see that isn't hideous, run back home!
5:30-hair, makeup, get dressed! wait for my sister Brittany to come pick me up!
6:10- Brittany arrives, we leave, she gives me some earrings and a Michael Jackson button to wear :)
6:15-have fun with Amber's friends, including her future MIL who was HILARIOUS at the toy party portion! have a mostly-liquor strawberry daquiri, 6 jello shots, and some kind of other shot that tasted like Sprite
9:15- Brittany drives us to a local carnival (DD by default for being pregnant!) for our first beer tent experience. Already starting to feel like shit, very drunk, and I had a KILLER headache! We stop at a gas station for Tylenol and water on the way there.
9:30- arrive at beer tent. See Pete and his parents, keep running into everyone. Labor Day beer tent is like a class reunion for the past 30 years of high school. Keep running into everyone but trying to hide a bit since the rest of the girls in 80s gear have not arrived yet!
9:45- the rest of the girls get there!! I ditch Pete to hang out with them and I go buy some alcohol tickets. Get a hurricane drink. Sip on it for a while, while headache gets worse and the noise keeps getting louder!
10:15- realize I am going to get sick--stat! I feel like total doo-doo and Pete asks me if I'm ready to go home. I reluctantly say yes, feeling super guilty for leaving my sis on her night. I found her and said good-bye and gave her the rest of my drink and my leftover tickets. Walk to pickup truck and expect to start throwing up at any moment.
10:25- just getting back into town, about a mile away from home. I cannot take it anymore!! I roll down my window and just let-er-rip outside. I was still puking when we pulled into our driveway!
10:30- get home, take out contacts and brush teeth and wash off makeup. Pass out shortly after.

I vow to not drink another drop of alcohol for a long, long time.
Sunday was a much better day! Pete and I had our first date since February!! We can almost never get a sitter, but my dad and his girlfriend offered to watch the kids for our anniversary and gave us dinner and a movie on-them so how could I say no?! We saw "Going the Distance" and I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard at a movie!! I was DYING!! Crying, I was laughing so hard!! Pete really liked it, too! Score! Then I got some fresh highlights and a trim so I have decent hair at the wedding. We followed that with the most AWESOME mexican food, ever. I am salivating just thinking about it! We had fajitas for-two, and they were just amazing! So were the homemade chips and salsa. We'll definitely be back! We got some much-needed alone time and just had a great kids-free day!
I weighed today and I was pleasantly surprised to see I had lost a pound! It's not my official weigh-in day but hmm maybe it was a good thing I took it easy all weekend and splurged a little with my food! It sure seems to prove my stress theory for why I haven't been losing any weight despite strict clean nutrient-portioned eating and nearly 2 hours of daily workouts. I'm ready to get back into the grind tomorrow, though! I'm hoping this will be the week I will see 162!


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OMGosh! haha. You all look so cute!!! :)

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